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The treatment has many other advantages

too. Unlike relaxers or thermal

conditioning, the Brazilian Blow Dry

straightens the hair without damaging or

changing its texture.

Following the treatment, care and styling

of your hair becomes effortless with

minimal amounts of blow drying and

styling required for months afterwards.

Your hair will have much improved

resiliency; and will no longer be affected

by rain, humidity or sweat. This is the

beginning of the end to frizzy hair.

Depending on hair type and frequency

of washing, results last between two and

four months. If regular treatments are

maintained, you will immediately see the

quality of your hair grown following the

Brazilian Blow Dry.

Originally developed in Brazil, this

innovative treatment process transforms

the hair by using natural sources of

Keratin which penetrates the hair

repairing internal damage and coats

the hair preventing further damage. The

results are smooth, silky and straight hair.

It is not a chemical that restructures the

hair. It is a replenishing treatment that

reconditions and protects the hair from

water and heat damage while enhancing

it’s natural shine.

Why does Keritan have such amazing

results? Because Keratin is the primary

protein of the skin and hair. The

application and straightening process

ensures the Keratin and moisture are

sealed into the hair cuticle, meaning the

results are immediately visible.